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About uro bag pant®

Recommended by Urologists.

A 2-Pocket patented unisex leg bag holder that securely holds a leg bag in either leg -- No uncomfortable leg straps! 

* Will not constrict circulation to lower leg.
* No abrasion against skin
* Holds the leg bag more securely than leg straps.
* For ambulatory and wheelchair users

Urinary leg bag holder undergarment - Unisex.  Undergarment holds any leg bag with a top intake port (350ml - 750ml) and used with any catheter: condom, Foley, suprapubic, ileoconduit and nephrostomy (left, right & bi-lateral).  Cotton/polyester.  Washable.  Gray color.  No latex.   2-pocket undergarment allows you to put the leg bag in either leg.  Please see our Size Chart below to order the correct size.  Comfortable!  No leg straps.  Helps renew dignity and holds the leg bag more securely. (Formerly known as Better Pant.)



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