Celeste Bonham, founder and president of Uro Concepts, Inc. develops all the proprietary products for the company. She became involved with the urology market after her father became incontinent due to post-prostate cancer. Doctors tried to reverse his urinary problem through two operations with no success. 

Her father, a retired Lt. Colonel in the Air Force, became depressed having to wear adult diapers due to incontinence. He would not leave the house and did not want to see people. He was embarrassed having to wear diapers. Her mother heard about the leg bag system for incontinence and ordered one for her father to try. His attitude immediately changed and his depression ceased. He no longer wore DIAPERS! He started to interact with friends and family again and take walks in the neighborhood. It was an amazing change for him. 

Celeste’s mother asked her to come up with something to improve the leg bag system and to keep it from falling down. She cringed at the thought of incontinence and urine and said to her mother, “I come from motion pictures and know nothing about incontinence!” She finally relinquished her position and wanted to improve the quality of life for her father. She began to focus on the leg bag system and found, although the external collection system was a vast improvement from diapers, she found it was still far from being perfect. The leg bag was held on the leg with two very uncomfortable tight leg straps so the leg would not fall down the leg (like tourniquets!). The leg straps would cause skin sores due to abrasion against the skin and would constrict circulation to his lower leg. If the leg bag got too full/heavy, it would fall down the leg, disengage the system and cause an embarrassing incident for her father. The possibility of the leg bag falling down and creating a urinary mishap was a major concern which caused anxiety for her father. Uro Bag ™ product line is the direct result of improving the leg bag system. Her father loved Uro Bag ™ undergarment leg bag holder and wore it until he passed. 

Celeste’s background was in motion pictures having been a former Vice President Acquisition at MGM/UA. She also wrote, produced and directed a live-action short film which was one of the final 12 contenders at the Academy Awards selection committee. After leaving MGM/UA, she began to write a screenplay and got horrible eye strain. Celeste then invented I-Relax, an eye care product that was clinically proven to reduce eyestrain for computer users and was later published. Celeste continues to develop new and innovative products for the urology market.